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2024 Classes & Workshops

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The business opportunity

you don’t want to miss!



   As certified Master Specialist can charge between $300-$800 per client, depending upon the type of procedure and your market size. When you complete all Advance Training Classes you can even double your rates. When you take into account that the average cost is only 5% of the treatment price, a phenomenal profit of 95% is realized. You won’t need a calculator to realize that this is a serious amount of revenue that you can earn on a daily basis! Your complete investment in training, device and products will be earned back within a few clients.

* Compared to a regular salon facial treatment...

High earnings and low costs can make you financially independent. Schedule your work as it suits you best. Start your business with micropigmentation or microblading: gain more income next to your current career, work in your own salon, or work as an independent permanent makeup artist in salons of others. Opportunities!

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