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CLASS SCHEDULE 2022 & 2023


        ​Full Face Fundamental 

   Master Course All Procedures 

   1. Brows- Ombre'/ full shading /

       Micro-Shading and 

   2. Eyes- Lash Enhancer & Eyeliner

   3. Lips- Liner & Shading



             Master all brow technics 

1. Micro-Blading/Digital-Blading/Feathering

2. Micro-Shading /Full Shading /

    Ombre' Gradient

3. Master Brow Techniques 


Focus and Continuing Education 

Classes & Workshops

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          Brow Master Fundamental

Honolulu & Las Vegas 

Para-Medical Tattoo Therapy

 3D Areola & Nipple Restoration  and 

Scar and skin Camouflage  Re-Pigmentation

1. Areola skin pigmentation to re-build and restore the natural structure of the breast after mastectomy.

 2. Scar re-pigmentation for discolored tissue


Helping rebuild lives one procedure at a time


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