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Continuing Education & Focus Classes

Ready for more increase your knowledge with continuing education classes and workshops


Focus Classes 

aim to increase in-depth knowledge and skills on specific subjects.

Color Correction /Advanced Pigment Knowledge 

You will learn all about the background of pigments and colors. How pigments build up, the effect of pigments in the skin and which aspects are of influence of the color. Also you learn how to mix pigments to create new colors in order to match your clients’ needs.

Chemical & Saline Remover

Remove unwanted ink 

Our method works fast and easy. An absolute must for every technician.

Needles and Techniques Master

It is imperative to choose the appropriate needle configuration for micropigmentation procedures. Our needles are especially designed to achieve the same quality throughout the entire procedure. This class will provide assurance that you understand each configuration and that you select the proper needle accordingly.

 Business Set Up 

Legal Documents & Marketing 

Business Set up: Meet with our Certified CPA Book keep to set up your business properly. Do it right from the beginning. Everything is tax write off. We can show you how legally. A must for every professional businesswoman.  

One On One VIP 

This class is specifically designed to perfect and enhance your skills in micro-pigmentation. Bring your own models, and the instructor can evaluate technique and give suggestions as to how you can improve Your procedures. Learn insider tips and trick from the best in the industry. Pick the instructors brain with all your questions. 

Advanced Brow 

Symmetry Mapping

You will learn advanced mapping techniques. Receive extra practice on making even and symmetrical brows. Tips and tricks to frame the face and enhance clients beauty.

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