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Ho'ala means awaken in Ole'o Hawaii  

Awaken your spirt- Awaken your talent -Awaken your Passion- Awaken your ability to create and master your life with knowledge that gives you power and comfort to know that the future is yours.

Come the dive into the ocean of professional Micropigmention and awaken your life to experience and possibilities to set your life on fire. It 's time to shake things up and go for your passion to make your dreams come true. 

We are a professional Micro-Pigmentation Education and Training Center located on Oahu and Las Vegas 

We are dedicated to your career to become a master at cosmetic micro-pigmentation and para-medical tattooing therapy.

At Nouveau  Contour,  we go beyond teaching you modest procedures we train the most up to date, modern and superior techniques.  As a leading  innovator in the permanent makeup beauty industry, we are always developing new techniques at the highest standards across the globe. 


Our training academy is accredited and world-renowned  for quality, precision, and outstanding techniques. You will learn from world-class experts and trainers. No other academy offers training as extensive as ours.

Come See Why We are the Best

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Classes Available Now  Oahu & Vegas Locations


The advantages of the knowledge leader!

With worldwide experience and in-depth knowledge we are able to offer the best available and most extensive training programs for starters and professionals in the field of permanent make-up. In your country and all around the world! Proven teaching methods and extensive courses ensure that you will graduate as a capable and knowledgeable Nouveau Contour micropigmentation specialist.

After you have completed your training you are assured to meet even the highest of expectations.International expertise and in-depth knowledge





Become a Master at Permanent Makeup & Para-Medical Tattoo Therapy with the Best of USA & European Advance Training and Technology

From brow shaping and eye lining to lip contouring, basic to advanced color theory and medically graded classes for scalp, breast, scar and skin re-pigmentation. 

You can count on our detailed curriculum and professional educators to provide the knowledge that is required to enhance and restore a person’s inner and outer natural beauty through the art of 

Micro-Pigmentation and Para-Medical Micro-Pigmentation.

Recognized training program is set to the highest standards of NC Academy and the Society of Permanent Cosmetics (SPCP) across the globe receiving the highest-quality and in demand training which is offered at Nouveau Contour Hawaii Academy of Micropigmentation.

Quality and Safety

Your health and safety is our priority. As an OSHA-regulated school, we make sure to provide the highest standards of protection in every treatment and procedure. Using modern equipment, medical-grade topical anesthetics, disposable instruments, and the highest-quality pigment available. All of our trainers are certified and have undergone advanced training programs to provide the absolute best experience. 

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